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After Cooler

After Cooler
Construction :
The unit is a shell and tube heat exchange with M.S. shell and Copper tubes. In case of Horizontal after cooler the water passes through shell over the tubes carring hot compressed air. There is a moisture separator provided at the out let of the cooler which removes the oil and water droplets formed due to cooling.
Installations :
The unit is suitably supported horizontally. The outlet of the compressor is connected to the inlet of the cooler and the outlet of the cooler is connected to the receiver with necessary piping. This is the ideal suggestion. However sometimes the cooler can be connected at the outlet of the receiver and out fleat of the moisture separator can be connected to the downstream consumers. The cooling water connection to the unit should be given after the pump and outlet from the cooler can be lead to pump or cooling tower.
Operation :
The cooling water circulation is started. The compressor is started. Hot air from the compressor is passed through the cooler where it gets cooled to ambient condition. The water and oil vapours, which are condensed are separated in the moisture separator. This condensate should be drained regularly to avoid carry over. Removal of excess water droplets from any compressed air or gas system, is efficiently and simply accomplished in the moister separators. This Condensate should be drained regularly to avoid carry over.
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